Slide & Fold Door

Folding & sliding doors or bi-fold sliding doors can be just the architectural feature that makes your home stand out. They are without question one of the most effective and artistic ways to open up your house without compromising with the open space inside

Details & Overview

  • 6 chamber profile system
  • Standard single glazing in toughened glass.
  • Optional double glazing for increased thermal and sound insulation.
  • Available in white or decor.
    • Comes in multiple size and sash options.
    • Provides large space when the sashes are folded.
    • Acts as the best barrier against dust and pollution.
    • Locks at several points across the door for security and better sealing.
    • Ideal for banquet halls, partitioned balconies, verandas and partitioning large spaces.
    • Comes with double sealing of TPV gaskets that enhances thermal and sound insulation.
    • Internal folding & sliding doors as well as folding & sliding doors for sale enhance aesthetic quotient of a space Maximum Size: 10' Height x 15' Width.

Why choose uPVC Slide & Fold door?

There are multiple reasons for you to get uPVC slide & fold doors by Descon Coframe installed at your home. Our range of slide & fold doors offers a sure shot home improvement solution. In fact, considering the numerous benefits and aesthetic features they have to offer, the prices for folding & sliding doors are completely worth it. From slide & fold doors, bi-fold sliding barn doors, and 3-fold sliding doors or to our uPVC bifold or trifold slide & fold patio doors, we stride to offer you only the best.