Process Driven Company

A seamless service requires a seamless process and we ensure proper execution at every step of our process to provide such service.

We have divided our whole process into steps which enables us to monitor our work and ensure timely execution. Starting from the first point of contact till the handover stage and even after, we are present to address the customers concerns and offer the needed solutions. Our expertise is not restricted to our product, but in our precision to execute the work flawlessly.

01. Site Survey

Inspection of site is done to get an insight about design, cost and time for the project.

02. Design Discussion

Designs are suggested by our technical experts after taking into consideration the needs and requirement of the client.

03. Production

Once the design discussion is complete, the selected designs are taken into production.

04. Quality Check

Quality inspection of finished product is conducted for quality assurance before dispatch.

05. Packaging & Dispatch

Post quality-check, product is packed & dispatched. Delivery status updates are shared with client.

06. Installation

Our installation team visits the site for installation of the goods.

07. Site Handover

Installation team shares with the client the needed information on usage and maintenance.

08. Always Sales Support

Our support team is always available at your service if you experience any issue with our products at any point of time.

During the entire process, we need to ensure that customer satisfaction is always our main focus and the above approach is 360degree way of ensuring that we take every measure to ensure that our customer stays satisfied with us.