French Door

French doors are an attractive alternative to sliding or folding patio doors and are ideally suited to more limited spaces. Our uPVC French doors can be built in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic styles with a wide range of custom glazing types, fittings, colours and sizes. Whether you want arched doors, glazing bars, different colours on each side or maximum security for a ground level door, we can custom craft a solution to fit your project. Moreover, with some of our advanced uPVC frames, you can still opt for doors with large glazed surfaces and reach Passive House values.

Modern French doors are a charming addition to any home adding style, open space and flexibility to any room. With an excellent value for money thanks to a host of innovative design and performance feature

The advantages include:

  • Energy: Great thermal performance up to Passive House Values
  • Security: Easily upgraded with additional hardware.
  • Versatile: Tilt and turn functionality for ventilation
  • Simple: Faster and easier to use than sliding doors.
  • Colours: Available in a range of RAL colours and decors
  • Sizes: Easily built to custom shapes and sizes.
  • Durable: uPVC is weatherproof and requires extremely little maintenance

Durability & Maintenance

With uPVC, you won't have to spend much time to keep your new French patio doors looking beautiful. Unlike timber, there is no regular repainting or refinishing to do. An occasional wipe down with a wet cloth will suffice. Like uPVC windows, they will never rot, rust or require painting - music to the ears of homeowners.

With multiple seals and the toughness of uPVC, you'll be protected from draughts and water infiltration. Advanced energy-efficient glazing with low U-values will ensure you aren't losing heat and thus money. Finally, adding roller shutters will further reduce upkeep and the effects of weather while also improving overall security, insulation and