Casement Door

uPVC Casement doors are a classic part of most homes whether on patios, balconies or both. But they aren't just functional elements of your home, but an important part of its overall appearance and style. Depending on the location of the door, either inswing or outswing may be standard. However, the interior and exterior layout of your patio or entryway will typically dictate the best option based on space considerations. Perhaps surprisingly, local weather will also play a role. Moreover, modern uPVC casement doors offer excellent value for money thanks to a host of innovative design and performance features.

The advantages include:

  • Energy: Great thermal performance up to Passive House Values
  • Security: Easily upgraded with additional hardware.
  • Versatile: Tilt and turn functionality for ventilation
  • Simple: Faster and easier to use than sliding doors.
  • Colours: Available in a range of RAL colours and decors
  • Sizes: Easily built to custom shapes and sizes.
  • Durable: uPVC is weatherproof and requires extremely little maintenance

Detail & Overview

  • 6 chambered profile
  • Profile construction with 55 mm construction depth - Frame with screwed steel reinforcement for additional stability.
  • Reduced energy leakage
  • Option to have the frame with/ without threshold.
  • Multipoint locking system.
  • Standard single glazing in toughened glass.
  • Optional double glazing for increased thermal and sound insulation.

Casement Door Technical Specifications

uPVC is well suited to those on a tight budget while still offering most of the same customization options. Our uPVC casement doors can be built in both contemporary and traditional aesthetic styles with a wide range of custom glazing types, fittings, colours and sizes

  • With glass comprising most of the overall door surface, it is important to choose the appropriate glazing for your desired energy-efficiency needs.
  • Large glass surfaces can be a tempting target for intruders. This is why Descon Coframe offers high-security uPVC Casement Doors with a multitude of options for bolstering their strength.
  • Low threshold or barrier-free flush thresholds are also available whether to assist the elderly, prevent children from tripping or to just make life a little easier