New Age Infrastructure - A Contemporary Infrastructure

"Home is the most popular and will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments."
-Channing Pollock

Home is an establishment where the owner puts his heart and soul, creating a place he never wants to leave and always wants to return. Over the years, these establishments have undergone several changes, from old-school verandahs with kids running and playing to compact spaces for work from home jobs; home now means different things.

Despite these changes, few things remain the same. Everybody wants their home to be well ventilated and secured. Closed homes block creativity which is a dire need in today's competitive world. For some people, opening the windows to let that fresh air in that instantly rejuvenates you is like opening the window to the soul and doors, which, once locked, leaves you stress-free to retire at night.

Not every person has the same sense of aesthetic, and so they will not have the same preferences of doors and windows that they want to be adorned in their house and hence there's a wide variety of windows and doors available to suit your needs.


We all know the importance of that perfect window to maintain the airflow and provide a sense of calm and composure that comes with that airflow. It liberates us by taking away the feeling of being stuck.

Here is a list of windows that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Ventilators- The ventilator's main job is to maintain the airflow in closed spaces. They are for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, storerooms. uPVC Ventilators are both inwards and outwards, supported by hinges fixed on the ventilator frames. They come in different types, such as Simple Ventilator, Top / Bottom Hung, and Louvred Ventilator. They are cost-efficient, easy to operate, and can be customized.

Fixed Window- Cost-efficient and stylish, it is an upgrade from standard windows. This uPVC window is perfect for your home for its value for money. It can be customized, durable, and comes with various design and fitting options. The Fixed Frame, Fixed Frame with grill, and Large Fixed Frame have features like Noise absorption up to 45 dB, 6 and 7 chamber profile system, and high resistance to weathering due to uPVC.

Openable Window- Elegant uPVC window is perfect for hot climates and regions. It is heat resistant and does not lose its charm due to sunlight. Ideal for homes, it is modern and traditional at the same time. Soundproof and dustproof, they are low maintenance for the owners.

Sliding Window- Easy operational, these uPVC sliding glass windows are the perfect addition to any home or office. It enhances the aesthetics of any home instantly. It allows plenty of fresh air and light inside the house and makes you feel close to nature.


Gone are the days when people did not have doors in their homes. The world has changed drastically, and we all must adapt to it. Security is the foremost concern of any homeowner, and we believe in providing the solution.

Here is a list of doors to not only secure your home but also beautify it.

Slide & Fold Door- An artist's gift to all the homeowners. Slide and fold doors enhance the architecture of your house without compromising with the open space. It comes in toughened glass, gives a great view, and is soundproof and dustproof.

French Door- It indeed is French. Elegant, unique, and stylish, it is both traditional and contemporary at the same time. This uPVC door is perfect for enriching the beauty of any home.

Casement Door- Simple and durable, these uPVC doors are either inswing or outswing, depending on where you want them placed. Best suited for bedrooms and balconies, these casement doors are a value of money.

Sliding Door- Suitable for verandahs and gardens, a gentle push opens a world close to open space; these uPVC sliding doors take you close to nature.

Home is not something created with a blindfold on; changing times have innovative infrastructure options to choose from. Today, your home is an investment, and for this investment, you should invest in the right things that last long and gives you a sense of belonging.